Managing ESG Risk when Relocating Supply Chains
to Southeast Asia 

In the face of China’s harsh pandemic lockdowns, rising tensions between China and the West, and the implementation of sanctions covering the Xinjiang region, many companies are continuing to move their supply chains out of China—either completely, or more often, seeking diversification elsewhere. Frequently, companies that do so end up looking to Southeast Asia, lured by favorable economics and those countries’ booming economies. Shifting supply chains out of China and into neighboring nations is no panacea, however.

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Fact Gathering for Litigators

Mintz Group investigators have uncovered key evidence to help litigators prevail in court and at the negotiating table. We find facts relevant to every stage of a dispute—from before a lawsuit is filed to after a judgment has been entered.

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Rise of AI: The Impacts on Executive Search

This report examines the state of background screening in executive searches, including what complaints and investigations raise red flags among AESC member search firms and the impact of AI on investigations.

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Growing Secondary Market Highlights Value of Due Diligence on New Shareholders 

Startups are staying private longer now than they did twenty years ago: in 1999, the median age of a company going public was four or five years; in 2021, it was eleven. This has caused a build-up of value in the private market for these companies’ shares, and both employees in need of liquidity (particularly those whose options expire after ten years) and investors looking to diversify are eager to cash in. But what does this mean for private companies that suddenly find themselves with a host of new, unknown shareholders on their capitalization table?

Blacklisting of Myanmar by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

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Following last week's blacklisting of Myanmar by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for terrorism and organised crime financing, now is a key time for companies to double down on their intelligence and understanding of Southeast Asia's most troubled economy. Following our recent acquisition last month, we are proud to continue partnering with our colleagues at ATALIAN Global Services Myanmar to support our clients in 2023 with our leading Myanmar security risk product. This week saw our 454th edition.

Mintz Group by the Numbers


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